Woman says Chesney stole her memory card

Yeah, because Kenny is secretly your stalker lady. Wait, even better he took the memory card to a flea market and traded it for a headlight for his 89 Escort. Geez.. I tell you one thing for sure, mission accomplished. I’m nearly positive that she is only saying this because she wanted to get in the headlines, again mission accomplished. Although, a sweeter twist would be that she was there with someone she wasn’t supposed to be. Maybe she just came up with some ridiculous, “Kenny stole my memory card” story to cover her own tracks. Haha, now doesn’t that make for a much more believable story? -Greg

BOSTON, Aug. 21 (UPI) — A woman claims country music star Kenny Chesney snatched her camera’s memory card as she was taking pictures during a concert in Foxborough, Mass.

“(Chesney) was like a person in front of me and he reached down, grabs the camera, shuts it, goes down the walkway and throws it on the stage,” Susan Mazar told WCVB-TV, Boston.

Mazar said her camera was returned to her, but the memory card, containing photos from her family vacation, was missing.

Although video cameras are banned at Gillette Stadium, the concert’s venue, Mazar insisted to NewsCenter 5 she was only taking still pictures of Saturday’s gig.

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