Michael Jackson's Rabbi Rats Him Out in New Tell-All

Some people are disgusting. The man has barely had a chance to settle in up in heaven and a Rabbi of all people is already ready to cash in. Sometimes I think it’s such a sad world that we live in, but then I think maybe 1 day in heaven Rabbi Shmuley Boteach will meet Michael back in heaven, where Michael will proceed to moon walk all over his arse! -Greg

Fri., Sep. 25, 2009 10:59 AM PDT by


This can’t be kosher.

Add Michael Jackson‘s former spiritual guide to the list of people looking to cash in on the pop icon’s death, as TLC star and frequent Oprah couch-sitter Rabbi Shmuley Boteach today released a book based on 30 hours of intimate and revealing taped conversations with the star.

So not so much a tell-all as a share-all.

The Michael Jackson Tapes: A Tragic Icon Reveals His Soul in Intimate Conversation is based on confabs the rabbi had with his “close friend” back in 2000 and 2001.

As for why Boteach sat on the private tapes for nearly nine years before unveiling their contents, well, according to the rabbi’s website, “It was Michael’s wish to bare his soul and unburden himself to a public that knew he was deeply suspicious of him.”

In other words, think of it as more of a public service than a major betrayal of trust.

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