Kanye West Steals Taylor Swift's Thunder at MTV Video Music Awards


Jen Schatz Hermen, sorry if you read this.. but its just my opinion.. and who am I?

Ok I’m not copying anyone else’s story for this one.. I have my own thoughts and comments for this one! So, I don’t really agree with what Kanye did, was sort of rude, but I love who he did it too. I can’t stand Taylor Swift, she is a great song writer which no one can argue that. Her talent beyond that is ZERO! She has a horrible voice, puts on a terrible performance every time, sounds like a bad night of karaoke even on the radio which should sound even better with the help of sound editing, and mastering. The only reason she is so popular if her teeny-bopper following that has no idea what real music should sound like. Even though I agree she is a great songwriter, the songs she writes are the same thing over and over and over and over and over. She would be best off selling 1 song to a different performer and let them perform it, as well as break up this ridiculous repeat of her songs over and over. I can’t stand the fact that she keeps winning awards, she is not good. Not good at all, I’m disappointed that she is winning any real awards, if it was teen choice awards, or I’m 13 and have no idea what I really am listening too, then that would be ok. Please stop buying her albums, please stop buying tickets to her shows, please kids wake up and stop obsessing over this girl. Please, stop the insanity! -Greg