EXCLUSIVE: Kenny Chesney Launches Laidback Clothing Line

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE Kenny Chesney fan, his tropical-country style is nothing short of awesome. I’m sometimes jealous of his videos, just wishing I could live that Caribbean life. I like his idea of trying to give the fans a taste of that through is new clothing line. Still, looks like as would be expected they are going to be a bit higher priced. $35 for a t-shirt is not what I would expect to be paying for a t-shirt in the Caribbean carefree life style. Never the less I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a few pieces from this new line. -Greg

For Kenny Chesney (and his fans), “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” isn’t just a song, it’s a way of life. And now the country star is launching a clothing line, Blue Chair Bay, that captures his laidback style. The pieces — for men and women — are designed to look and feel like “that favorite T-shirt that you’ve washed a lot that is kind of sun bleached… your favorite khakis, and your shirt that you’ve had forever,” he tells PEOPLE. (Naturally, there are worn-in baseball caps, too.) Chesney was so involved in the design process that he even name-checks friends on some of the items. “I’ve got a shirt that says “Bob’s Charter” and Bob is a buddy of mine that’s been living in the islands for a long time.” Sure, not everyone can live in the Caribbean like Chesney, but he hopes his new mid-priced line (ranging from $35 for a T-shirt to $72 for khakis) — which is currently being sold at Fast Buck Freddies in Key West, Ocean Eddie’s Resort Wear in Gulf Shores, Ala., and Levy’s in Nashville — prompts people to use their imagination. “Blue Chair Bay is kind of like the place we’d all like to go if we had no obligations or nowhere to be,” he says, “and that’s kind of what I want this clothing line to represent. These are the clothes I would pack to go to this place.”