Every time you torrent, God kills a cinema.

Ran across this story on Tom’s Guide today.. thought it was kinda funny as it makes a couple very good points. Torrents may very well put a hurt on cinemas, but aren’t cinemas helping hurt themselves. They charge an arm and a leg for the ticket, popcorn, drinks, and candy. This really is fueling the need for people to find other ways to watch movies. Since downloading a torrent is easy and FREE, why wouldn’t you. Here’s an idea, cinemas should cut their prices by about half, and drop their snack prices. Then you will gain your customers back, I know I like the theater and would rather see a new movie in that atmosphere with the big movie feel than at home with my somewhat decent bootleg. I’m just saying… -Greg

By Jane McEntegart, published on October 13, 2009 at 7:40 PM

In a time when movies and TV shows are just one click away, big movie theatre chains worry about pirates downloading unreleased movies and watching them at home instead of forking over up to ten bucks to watch the same titles in the cinema. For smaller, independent movie theatres, piracy is just as big an issue.

The Prince Charles Cinema in London is the only independent cinema in London’s West End. While wandering around SoHo last night, I happened past PCC and caught a glimpse of the novel way this cinema is trying to prevent torrenting.