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Millionaire Murder Suspect Ryan Jenkins Found Dead

I would like to sum this up for my readers. Man makes money, man gets model, man has lost money, man has lost model, man kills model, and finally man kills himself. Classic tale of the American Dream that ends in a classic twist, murder.  -Greg

Today 6:50 AM PDT by Brandi Fowler and Gina Serpe

The manhunt for murder suspect Ryan Jenkins is officially over. Canadian police found the former reality star dead in a hotel room this afternoon, E! News has confirmed.

Authorities have not yet released an official cause of death, but police say the 32-year-old died of an apparent suicide. He reportedly hanged himself.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police found his body in a motel room in Hope, British Columbia, a town 84 miles east of Vancouver.

The death ends an international manhunt for the Megan Wants a Millionaire finalist, who fled to his native Canada on foot last week.

“The sadness of all this is that Mr. Jenkins will not be standing before an Orange County jury for his crime,” Buena Park Police Lt. Steve Holliday said in a press conference last night.

Jenkins was charged in the gruesome murder of his ex-wife, former swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore, after her body was found stuffed in a suitcase inside of a trash bin on Aug. 15. Fiore, 28, was missing her teeth and fingers.

Jenkins, who met and married Fiore within the span of just a few weeks this spring, quickly moved from “person of interest” to person charged with murder.

It’s a tag his death may not relieve.

“I do believe he participated in the murder,” Holliday said. “Because there’s additional information we’re following up on, I can’t expand any further than that.”

Holliday added that Jenkins’ vehicle is a “key piece of evidence in this investigation,” but declined to confirm reports that Fiore was killed in the car.

“We’re lucky to have that car. And we would love to have seen Ryan Jenkins stand before an Orange County jury.”

(Originally published on Aug. 23, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. PT)

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz

Woman says Chesney stole her memory card

Yeah, because Kenny is secretly your stalker lady. Wait, even better he took the memory card to a flea market and traded it for a headlight for his 89 Escort. Geez.. I tell you one thing for sure, mission accomplished. I’m nearly positive that she is only saying this because she wanted to get in the headlines, again mission accomplished. Although, a sweeter twist would be that she was there with someone she wasn’t supposed to be. Maybe she just came up with some ridiculous, “Kenny stole my memory card” story to cover her own tracks. Haha, now doesn’t that make for a much more believable story? -Greg

BOSTON, Aug. 21 (UPI) — A woman claims country music star Kenny Chesney snatched her camera’s memory card as she was taking pictures during a concert in Foxborough, Mass.

“(Chesney) was like a person in front of me and he reached down, grabs the camera, shuts it, goes down the walkway and throws it on the stage,” Susan Mazar told WCVB-TV, Boston.

Mazar said her camera was returned to her, but the memory card, containing photos from her family vacation, was missing.

Although video cameras are banned at Gillette Stadium, the concert’s venue, Mazar insisted to NewsCenter 5 she was only taking still pictures of Saturday’s gig.

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Paula Abdul: Blackballed?!

It’s really no surprise to me that Paula got the boot from American Idol. I really don’t understand why she lasted as long as she did, except for maybe she brought an additional “wow she’s an idiot” factor to the show. I mean honestly she seemed drunk and out there half the time, and her comments and criticism was a joke. She never really added anything real, always sorry you got cut, but “I love you and your gonna be great” I mean how many times did she say that, haha. I’m pretty sure her getting blackballed isn’t the worst thing that could happen to her, I mean I think it would be better that she was a drunken idiot at home rather than on TV… -Greg

Thu., Aug. 20, 2009 8:42 PM PDT by

When Paula Abdul didn’t land on Dancing With the Stars, we were fine. When she didn’t land on Ugly Betty, we were fine. When So You Think You Can Dance‘s Mary Murphy landed a pretty good jab, we were sure Paula was fine.

But when we heard her manager say, “You’re going to be seeing a lot of Paula,” we lost it.

In Hollywood, “you’re going to be seeing a lot of Paula” means “Yeah, at the supermarket, where she’ll be drowning her sorrow at the Entenmann’s display.”

At this stage of Abdul’s post-American Idol job hunt, there is but one irrational conclusion for highly suspicious minds to draw: The fix is in!

If you tell us Abdul’s in between gigs—still!—because she chose not to renew her American Idol contract, new jobs are hard to come by in this economy and David Caruso had to learn the hard way, too, then we’re going to have to ask you to stop quoting the facts.

The (alleged) truth is this: 

American Idol is a very powerful show—a very powerful show that does not like to be embarrassed (see Taylor Hicks).

Very powerful shows that do not like being embarrassed have ways of making people disappear (see Taylor Hicks).

Hollywood, in general, has a long history of making people disappear, especially people who are commited to causes as much as their art. Remember the guy who played the gardener on Desperate Housewives? Totally blacklisted from the Mondrian!

Remember Michael Keaton? Aha! You don’t, do you? Could that be because Keaton passed on the chance to don the cape and cowl for a third Batman movie, leaving his studio in a Val Kilmer lurch? (And if you tell us that Keaton starred in plenty of post-Batman movies, none of which anybody much wanted to see, thereby ending his run as a box-office draw, then we’re going to have to insist that you cut it out. And then demand to know if you yammered like this through JFK, too.)

Put all this sketchy evidence together, and who among us will be surprised when Abdul’s next move is to sprint into the witness protection program?!

Then again…

Sue Henderson, who has worked with actors and models as a career consultant for 26 more years than we have, isn’t buying our conspiracy theory for a second.

“I really can’t believe that just because they turn down a role that that qualifies them for blackballing,” Henderson tells us.

This is not to say that Henderson doesn’t believe stars—say, ones who eat too much sushi, beg out of a David Mamet play, and are named Jeremy Piven—can’t burn bridges. (“I don’t think he’ll be back on Broadway,” she says of Piven.)

Since Abdul doesn’t fall into the bridge-burning category—Mamet, after all, has never accused her of being a thermometer—we suppose there’s a chance we’re overreacting.

Maybe “I think you’re going to be seeing a lot of Paula” actually means we’re going to be seeing a lot of Paula.

Wait a second…Did her manager say he thinks…?