My tech story begins with writing loops in GW-Basic, taking apart our Epson Apex 100, dialing into BBSes found in the back of a local computing paper playing TradeWars 2002. These were the things that started me on my slow addiction to technology. I began my career in IT as tech support for DSL at SBC when it first hit the market. I’ve done desktop support for large financial institutions, networking and managed services for a local legacy ISP. Moved into enterprise hosting as a middleware engineer with a little devops, then more engineering working on Splunk. Most recently I have started working with OpenStack, it’s a beast.  I really like to learn about new technologies, I am a first adopter of many without regards to bugs. I like to touch whats new and explore cutting edge. I mean why would you not?

When I am not working, messing around in my own lab then I’m working on the latest platform that has taken hold of me, family. I had my first child over a two years ago and another just under a year. They are amazing, watching them develop right in front of me is unbelievable. Everyday my little girl learns something new and almost always wants to do it herself. Awesome, never thought what it would be like to have a child, now I cannot imagine never having one (two). I also really enjoy making my own pizzas, which maybe I will add some posts about that?

I am probably terrible at blogging, but who cares. I obviously write about plenty of other things, like Kenny Chesney or what crazy things some celebrity has done, but my primary focus is tech. Think of it as a drama with some comedy relief sprinkled in here and there. I often go for a while without writing to, but I am always thinking about becoming more focused and put regular time into it. Anyway hope you find something you like around here and come back to visit.